English General Knowledge Questions and Answers 049

TNPSC General Knowledge Questions and Answers
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English General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Blood Relations Questions with Answers MCQ of reasoning are very useful in Management (CAT, MAT), IBPS (PO and Clerk), SSC, SBI, LIC and other competitive exams.

1. A man said to a lady, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt.” How is that lady related to that man?
(a) Daughter (b) Sister (c) Grand-daughter (d) Mother

2. Introducing a man, a woman said, “He is the only son of my mother’s mother.” How is the woman related to that man?
(a) Mother (b) Cousin (c) Niece (d) Aunt

3. Pointing to a man, a woman said. “ He is the brother of my uncle’s daughter.” How is that man related to woman?
(a) Cousin (b) Son (c) Brother-in-law (d) Nephew

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4. Introducing a girl, Amit said, “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother.” How is Amit related to that girl?
(a) Father (b) Father-in-law (c) Grandfather (d) Husband

5. A told B, “Yesterday I met the only brother of the daughter of my grand mother.” Whom did A meet?
(a) Cousin (b) Brother (c) Nephew (d) Father

6. Pointing to a girl in a photograph, a person says to his friend, “She is the grand-daughter of the elder brother of my father,” How is that girl in the photograph related to the man?
(a) Niece (b) Sister (c) Aunt (d) Sister-in-law

7. Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said. “His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.” How is that gentleman related to Deepak?
(a) Father (b) Grandfather (c) Brother-in-law (d) Uncle

8. Pointing to a woman in a photograph, Vijay said, “She is the daughter of the father of the sister of my brother”. How is that lady in photograph related to Vijay?
(a) Daughter (b) Wife (c) Mother (d) None of these

9. Pointing to a boy, Aruna said to Pushpa, “The mother of his father is the wife of your grand-father (Mother’s father)”. How is Pushpa related to that boy?
(a) Sister (b) Niece (c) Cousin sister (d) Wife

10. Introducing a man, Neeraj said, “His wife is the only daughter of my wife.” How is Neeraj related to that man?
(a) Father (b) Grandfather (c) Father-in-law (d) Son

11. Pointing to Raman in the Photograph, Aditi said, “The only son of his mother is my father”. How is Aditi related to Raman?
(a) Mother’s sister (b) Bua (Father’s sister) (c) Daughter (d) Niece

12. Pointing to a woman in the photograph, Rajesh said, “The only daughter of her grandfather is my wife.” How is Rajesh related to that woman?
(a) Uncle (Fufa) (b) Father (c) Maternal uncle (d) Brother

13. If ‘S × T’ means that S is brother of T, ‘S + T’ means that S is the father of T, which of the following shows that ‘O’ is the cousin of R?
(a) R × T + O (b) R + T × O (c) R × O × T (d) None of these

14. A and B are sisters. R and S are brothers. A’s daughter is R’s sister. What is B’s relation to S?
(a) Mother (b) Grandmother (c) Sister (d) Aunt

15. A and B are sisters. A is the mother of D. B has daughter C who is married to F. G. the husband of A. How is B related to F?
(a) Mother (b) Mother-in-law (c) Sister-in-law (d) None of these

1. (b) Mother’s husband’s sister means that sister of father. Hence, lady is the sister of that man.
2. (c) Son of woman’s mother’s mother means the brother of mother. And brother of mother is maternal-uncle. Hence, woman is related as niece to that man.
3. (a) Clearly, the man is the cousin of that woman.
4. (b) Grandson of Amit’s mother is the son of Amit and son’s wife is Amit’s daughter-in-law. Hence, Amit is related as father-in-law of that girl.
5. (d) The daughter of A’s grandmother is the sister of A’s father and the only brother of A’s father is A’s father himself. Hence, A met his father.
6. (a) Grand-daughter of one’s uncle is related as niece to the person.
7. (d) Father of Deepak’s daughter is Deepak himself and brother of gentleman is father of Deepak. Hence, that gentleman is related as Uncle to Deepak.
8. (d) Sister of Vijay’s brother is Vijay’s sister and father of his sister is Vijay’s father. Again daughter of Vijay’s father is Vijay’s sister. Hence, woman in the photograph is related as sister to Vijay.
9. (c) It is very clear from the information that Pushpa is cousin sister of that boy.
10. (c) The only daughter of Neeraj’s wife is the daughter of Neeraj and her husband is the son-in-law of Neeraj.
11. (c) The only son of Raman’s mother is the Raman himself and Aditi says that he is her father. Therefore, Aditi as related as daughter to Raman.
12. (a) It is clear from the information given in the question, that Rajesh is the husband of woman’s father’s sister. Hence, option (a) is the correct answer.
13. (d) Testing every options for the relationship given in the question, we find that none of the options shows relationship that O is cousin of R.
14. (d) Daughter of A is the sister of R. Therefore, R and S are sons of A. B is the sister of A. Thus B, is the aunt of S.
15. (b) F is the husband of C and B is the mother of C. Therefore, B is the mother-in-law of F.

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