UN GK Questions with Answers -02

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TNPSC General Knowledge Questions and Answers

UN GK Questions with Answers

51. How many number of votes can be exercised by a member state in the UN General Assembly :
(A) Two votes
(B) One vote
(C) Three votes
(D) Four votes

52. What is the majority required of member states of UN when they take a decision on important issues :
(A) Two-third majority
(B) Two-fourth majority
(C) Two-six majority
(D) Absolute majority

53. Which UN body draws attention of the Security Council to situation that is likely to endanger Inter- national Peace and Security :
(A) Special Committee of UN
(B) General Assembly of UN
(C) Developed Countries Committee
(D) All the above

54. Which Article of the UN Charter provides that the UN General Assembly shall initiate studies and make recommendations for the purpose of promoting international co-operation in the political field and en- courage the progressive development of international law and its codification :
(A) Article 14
(B) Article 19
(C) Article 13
(D) Article 12

55. Which of the following has been awarded Noble Prize :
(B) European Union
(C) Security Council
(D) International Labour Organisation

56. On whose internal affairs, UN General Assembly shall not pass any resolution :
(A) Security Council
(D) State

57. Which function does not belong to UN General Assembly :
(A) World legislative body
(B) Decision-making body
(C) Policy-making body
(D) All the above

58. Which principal organs are controlled by the UN General Assembly :
(A) Economic and Social Council
(B) Trusteeship Council
(C) (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

59. Which organs are subordinate to the UN :
(A) Economic and Social Council
(B) Trusteeship Council
(C) (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

60. Which organ of the UN approves budget of the UN :
(A) Secretary General
(B) Secretary
(C) Financial Secretary General
(D) General Assembly of UN

61. Which Article of the UN Charter provides that ‘The General Assembly shall consider and approve the budget of the Organization and expenses of the Organization shall be borne by the members as apportioned by the General Assembly :
(A) Article 17
(B) Article 18
(C) Article 19
(D) Article 20

62. Which of the following is not a World Bank constituent :
(A) International Monetary Fund
(B) International Development Association
(C) Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
(D) International Finance Corporation

63. To which country, UN emergency force was sent by the UN :
(A) India
(B) Egypt
(C) Congo
(D) (B) and (C)

64. Which of the following is originated by the Berne Treaty of 1874 :
(A) World Metrological Organisation
(B) International Maritime Organisation
(C) International Labour Organisation
(D) Universal Postal Union

65. What kinds of committees are there as main committees of the UN General Assembly :
(A) Dibabmanent and Internal Security Committee, Economic and Financial
(B) Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, Special Political and Decolonization
(C) Administrative and Budgetary Committee, Legal Committee
(D) All the above

66. In which year, the UN passed a resolution establishing the International Law Commission:
(A) 1947
(B) 1948
(C) 1946
(D) 1989

67. In which year, UN resolution established the United Nations Institute for Training and Research :
(A) 1969
(B) 1965
(C) 1967
(D) 1968

68. Which UN institution established that decision of the UN administrative tribunal shall be binding upon the UN member states :
(A) Security Council
(B) Committee of Security
(C) International Court of Justice
(D) None of the above

69. In which year, UN established UN Conference on Trade and Development :
(A) 1974
(B) 1977
(C) 1968
(D) 1964

70. When did the UN General Assembly pass ‘Unity for Peace Resolution’ :
(A) 4th November, 1950
(B) 8th November, 1950
(C) 3rd November, 1950
(D) 10th November, 1950

71. When can the special emergency session of the General Assembly be called :
(A) Absolute majority
(B) 9 affirmative votes of the Security Council
(C) The majority of the members of the General Assembly
(D) (B) and (C)

72. Which UN body may consider the matter if the Security Council fails to prevent any aggression or to take any action in respect of any breach of peace :
(A) UN General Assembly
(B) Security Committee of developing countries
(C) UN Developed Countries Committee
(D) None of the above

73. How many number of UN collective members measures committee examine ‘studying and report the matters relating to international peace and security’ :
(A) 18
(B) 14
(C) 15
(D) 16

74. Which UN member country challenged and criticized the ‘UN Resolution Uniting for Peace’ :
(A) India
(B) Japan
(C) America

75. Who appoints the Secretary-General of the UN:
(A) UN General Assembly
(B) UN Security Council
(C) UN General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.
(D) UN Under-developed Countries

76. Under which Article of the UN Charter, Secretary- General shall be appointed by the UN General Assembly on the basis of recommendations of the Security Council :
(A) Article 78
(B) Article 97
(C) Article 99
(D) Article 96

77. On whose vote of the UN organ, a member of the UN, who is in arrears of the payment of its financial contribution to the Organization, may be deprived from the membership:
(A) Security Council
(B) General Assembly
(C) (A) and (B)
(D) None of the these

78. What is the majority required when UN General Assembly deprives a member state from membership because of arrears of the payment of financial contribution to the UN Organization :
(A) Two-third majority
(B) Two-fourth majority
(C) Absolute majority
(D) None of the above

79. Who elects ten non-permanent members of the Security Council :
(A) UN
(B) UN General Assembly
(C) UN Developing Countries
(D) All the above

80. Under which Article of the UN Charter, expenses of the Organization shall be borne by the members as apportioned by the General Assembly :
(A) 16
(B) 16(1)
(C) 17(2)
(D) 17

81. Who elects 54 members of the UN Economic and Social Council :
(A) UN developing council
(B) UN developing countries
(C) (A) and (B)
(D) UN General Assembly

82. Who elects judges of the International Court of Justice:
(A) Supreme Court
(B) High Court
(C) UN General Assembly
(D) UN Security Council

83. In which Conference, it was finally decided to establish a Security Council :
(A) New York Conference
(B) San Francisco Conference
(C) London Conference
(D) Tokyo Conference

84. How many members are there in the Security Council :
(A) 18
(B) 15
(C) 16
(D) 14

85. How many permanent members exist in the Security Council :
(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 5
(D) 4

86. How many members are non- permanent in the Security Council :
(A) 9
(B) 8
(C) 5
(D) 10

87. Who are the permanent members in the Security Council :
(A) China
(B) America
(C) Britain
(D) All the above

88. On what date Security Council came into existence :
(A) 12 January, 1945
(B) 12 January, 1948
(C) 12 January, 1946
(D) 12 January, 1950

89. On 12th January, 1946, UN General Assembly elected how many members in the Security Council :
(A) 4
(B) 7
(C) 6
(D) 9

90. On what date, UN General Assembly amended Article 23 of the UN Charter to extend the number of 15 members in the Security Council :
(A) 17th December, 1963
(B) 18th December, 1963
(C) 19th December, 1963
(D) 21st December, 1963

91. For what period, ten non-permanent members are elected by the UN General Assembly
(A) 4 years
(B) 2 years
(C) 3 years
(D) 6 years

92. Which type of members in the Security Council have a veto power :
(A) Permanent members
(B) Non-official members
(C) Non-permanent members
(D) None of the above

93. When ‘veto is not considered as action of a permanent member’ :
(A) US Senate passed resolution
(B) British Parliament made a law
(C) Security Council permanent members absent during meeting of the Security Council
(D) All the above

94. What are the functions and powers of the Security Council:
(A) Maintenance of international peace and security, elective functions
(B) Supervisory functions
(C) Constituent functions
(D) All the above

95. Under Article 41 of the UN Charter, how does the Security Council take military action against any country :
(A) through air
(B) through sea
(C) through land
(D) all the above

96. Under Article 43 of the UN Charter, Security Council asks whom to contribute for the maintenance of international peace and security and make available its armed forces, etc:
(B) International Peace Keeping Force
(C) UN members
(D) Non-aligned Nations

97. Which committee advise and assist Security Council on all matters relating to its military requirements for maintenance of international peace and security :
(A) Military Advisory Committee
(B) Military Staff Committee
(C) Military Security Council
(D) None of the above

98. Its work completed-its membership reduced now to the five permanent-members of the Security Council-for which this statement is relevant :
(B) Trusteeship Council
(C) Economic and Social Council
(D) General Assembly

99. Which of the following statement is not correct:
(A) Trusteeship Council was established by the Charter in 1945.
(B) By 1994 all trust territories had attained self government or independence.
(C) The last trust territory of the Pacific Islands (Palau) became the 185th member state of the UN.
(D) The functions of the Trusteeship Council are transferred to the General Assembly.

100. When was the definition of aggression finally adopted without vote by the UN General Assembly :
(A) December, 13, 1974
(B) December, 12, 1974
(C) December, 18, 1974
(D) December, 14, 1974

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