TNPSC – Group 4 Important Questions with Answers – Science

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1. The element required for Solar energy conversion _____
(A) Beryllium
(B) Silicon
(C) Tantalum
(D) Ultra pure carbon
Answer: B
2. Potassium Permanganate is used for purifying drinking water, because _____
(A) It dissolves the impurities of water
(B) It is a sterilizing agent
(C) It is an oxidising agent
(D) It is a reducing agent.
Answer: C
3. Water is a good solvent of ionic salts because ______
(A) It has no colour
(B) It has a boiling point
(C) It has a high dipole moment
(D) It has a high specific heat
Answer: C
4. In which type of rocks are metals like Gold and Copper mostly found ?
(A) Old igneous
(B) Old sedimentary
(C) Old metamorphic
(D) New metamorphic
Answer: A
5. Which of the following gases is lighter than air ?
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Oxygen
(C) Ammonia
(D) Chlorine
Answer: C
6. The percentage of carbon is the least in —
(A) Grey cast iron
(B) Wrought iron
(C) White cast iron
(D) Steel
Answer: D
7. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity ?
(A) Zinc
(B) Copper
(C) Gold
(D) Silver
Answer: D
8. Permanent hardness of water, due to sulphates of the metal, can be destroyed by the use of —
(A) Nitrates
(B) Zeolites
(C) Sulphonates
(D) None of these
Answer: B
9. Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG) consists of mainly _____
(A) Methane, Ethane and Hexane
(B) Ethane, Hexane and Nonane
(C) Methane, Butane and Propane
(D) Methane, Hexane and Nonane
Answer: C
10. The metal that is present in Photo Films is _____
(A) Mercury
(B) Platinium
(C) Magnesium
(D) Silver
Answer: D
11. Parmanent hardness of water may be removed by the addition of ______
(A) Alum
(B) Sodium Carbonate
(C) Lime
(D) Potassium Permanganate
Answer: B
12. Potassium nitrate is used in ________
(A) Salt
(B) Glass
(C) Fertiliser
(D) Medicine
Answer: B
13. Which of the following is in liquid form at room temperature?
(A) Cerium
(B) Sodium
(C) Francium
(D) Lithium
Answer: C
14. Which of the following is basis of the modern periodic table?
(A) Atomic mass
(B) Atomic number
(C) Atomic size
(D) Atomic volume
Answer: B
15. Of the following metals, which one pollutes the air of a big city ?
(A) Copper
(B) Cadmium
(C) Lead
(D) Chromium
Answer: D

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