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TNPSC VAO English General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Which one of the following would not be considered as a form of secondary storage?
(a) Floppy Disk (b) Optical Disk (c) RAM (d) Flash Drive (e) Hard Disk (Ans : c)
2. The Processor is an example of computer–
(a) Software (b) Output Unit (c) Storage (d) Program (e) Hardware (Ans : e)
3. A hexadecimal number is a number to the base–
(a) 2 (b) 20 (c) 16 (d) 4 (e) 8 (Ans : c)
4. Java in computer programming is a–
(a) Compiler (b) Hardware Device Driver (c) Low-level Language
(d) High-level Language (e) Programming Mid-level Language (Ans : d)


5. Which of the following is not a binary number?
(a) 01010 (b) 11111 (c) 31121 (d) 00000 (e) 110110 (Ans : c)

6. What does the acronym WAN stand for?
(a) Widest Area Network (b) Wild Area Network (c) Wide Area Networking
(d) Wide Area. Network (e) Wider Area Network (Ans : d)
7. FTP is an acronym for–
(a) File Transaction Protocol (b) File Truncation Protocol (c) File Translation Protocol
(d) File Transfer Protocol (e) File Transmission Protocol (Ans : d)
8. Connections to the Internet using a phone line and a modem are called….. connections.
(a) Digital (b) Dial-up (c) Broadband (d) Dish (e) Both (b) and (c) (Ans : b)
9. Documents converted to….. can be published to the web.
(a) A doc file (b) HTTP (c) machine language (d) HTML (e) None of these (Ans : b)


10. What is extension of Microsoft Word document?
(a) txt (b) doc (c) ppt (d) xls (e) psd (Ans : b)

11. Outlook Express is a(n)–
(a) protocol (b) Search Engine (c) Browser (d) Network (e) E-mail Client (Ans : e)

12. Printers and screens in computer system are common form of–
(a) Processing device (b) Computation units (c) Input units
(d) Storage units (e) Output units (Ans : e)

13. LSI in chip technology stands for–
(a) Large-Scale Internet (b) Low-Scale Integration (c) Low-Scale Internet
(d) Local-Scale Integration (e) Large-Scale Integration (Ans : e)

14. Ctrl + n in MS word is used to–
(a) Save document (b) Start Paragraph (c) Open new document
(d) Close document (e) Open a saved document (Ans : c)

15. Connections to other documents or to other locations within a website is known as–
(a) Hyper connects (b) Plug-ins (c) Hyperlinks (d) Filters (e) Bots (Ans : c)

16. Checking whether a program functions correctly and then correcting errors, it is known as–
(a) Error-proofing a program (b) Default error-checking (c) De-erroring
(d) Debugging (e) Decoding (Ans : d)

17. Single-word reference to viruses, worms etc. is–
(a) harmware (b) virus (c) phish (d) malware (e) killer war (Ans : d)

18. Converting the computer language of 1’s and 0’s to characters, that can be understood is known as……
(a) Selecting (b) Creating clip-art (c) Decoding (d) Generating (e) Highlighting (Ans : c)

19. Storage that returns its data after the power is turned off is referred’ to as–
(a) Sequential storage (b) Direct storage (c) Non-destructive storage
(d) Non-volatile storage (e) Volatile storage (Ans : d)

20. A compiler in computing means–
(a) A programmer. (b) A person who compiles source program. (c) Keypunch operator
(d) A gaming software (e) A program which translates source program into object program (Ans : e)

21. What is Windows Vista?
(a) Processor (b) Output Device (c) Storage Device
(d) Input Device (e) Operating System (Ans : e)

22. Which of the following is not an operating system used in computer?
(a) Windows 95 (b) Windows 2000 (c) MS-DOS
(d) Windows 3.1 (e) Windows 98 (Ans : d)

23. “DTP” is a computer abbreviation usually means–
(a) Digital Transmission Protocol (b) Desktop Publishing (c) Document Type Processing
(d) Document Transfer Processing (e) Data Type Programming (Ans : b)

24. Which of the following is equivalent roughly to 1 billion bytes?
(a) One kilobyte (b) One Terabyte (c) One Gigabyte
(d) One Megabyte (e) One Megabit (Ans : c)

25. The ALU and Control unit, jointly is known as–
(a) RAM (b) CPU (c) PC (d) EPROM (e) ROM (Ans : b)

26. The….. port resembles a standard phone jack.
(a) Fire wire (b) modem (c) peripheral (d) serial (e) None of these (Ans : b)

27. The ALU performs….. operations.
(a) arithmetic (b) ASCII (c) algorithm-based (d) logarithm-based (e) None of above (Ans : a)

28. A group of related records in a database is called a(n)–
(a) object (b) memo (c) table (d) record (e) None of these (Ans : c)

29. What is the generation of computers which are built with microprocessors?
(a) third (b) fourth (e) first (d) second (e) prior to first (Ans : b)

30. The digital telecommunication term ISDN is an abbreviation for
(a) Internet Services Data Network (b) International Services Digital Network
(c) Integrated Services Digital Network (d) Interactive Standard Dynamic Networks
(e) Integrated Standard Digital Networks (Ans : c)

31. How to specify cell range from A10 to A 25 in MS Excel?
(a) (A10-A25) (b) (A10 to A25) (c) (A10 : A25) (d) (A10 . A25) (e) (A10 A25) (Ans : c)
32. If you change Windows 98 operating system to Windows XP, then it is known as–
(a) Update (b) Patch (c) Pull down (d) Push up (e) Upgrade (Ans : e)
33. ALU and control unit of most of the computers are combined and are embedded on a single .
(a) Monochip (b) Control unit (c) Microprocessor (d) ALU (e) Microfilm (Ans : c)34. QWERTY is used with reference to–
(a) Printer (b) Monitor (c) Keyboard (d) Mouse (e) Joystick (Ans : c)


35. Where does most data go first with’ in a computer memory hierarchy?
(a) RAM (b) ROM (e) BIOS (d) CACHE (e) None of these (Ans : a)

36. A result of a computer virus can not lead to–
(a) Disk Crash (b) Mother Board Crash (c) Corruption of program
(d) Deletion of files (e) None of above (Ans : b)

37. Which of the following extensions suggest that the file is a backup copy–
(a) Bak (b) Bas (c) Com (d) Txt (e) None of these (Ans : a)

38. Which of the following storage media provides sequential access only?
(a) Floppy disk (b) Magnetic disk (c) Magnetic tape (d) Optical disk (e) None of above (Ans : a)

39. The….. becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing.
(a) Active tab (b) Insertion point (c) Mouse pointer (d) Ribbon (e) None of above (Ans : c)

40. A file extension is separated from the main file name with a(n)–
(a) question mark (b) exclamation mark (c) underscore (d) period (e) None of above (Ans : e)

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