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51. The National Capital Region Planning Board was set up in India in the year– 
(A) 1980 (B) 1982 (C) 1985 (D) 1995 (Ans : C)

52. Which of the following tribes belongs to Nilgiri hills ? 
(A) Maria (B) Asur (C) Badga (D) Saharia (Ans : C)

53. The Patkai hills separate India from– 
(A) China (B) Myanmar (C) Pakistan (D) Bangladesh (Ans : B)

54. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists- 
List-I (Industry) 
(a) Sugar (b) Paper (c) Cement (d) Iron & Steel 
List-II (Place) 
1. Dalmia Dadari 2. Dhampur 3. Chandra pur 4. Bokaro 
Codes : 
(a) (b) (c) (d) 
(A) 2 1 3 4
(B) 2 3 1 4
(C) 3 2 1 4
(D) 1 2 3 4(Ans : B)

55. As per Census 2011 of India, which of the following States has lowest per cent of urban population? 
(A) Tripura (B) Sikkim (C) Bihar (D) Himachal Pradesh (Ans : D)

56. Which of the following Constitutional (Amendment) Acts provided for the appointment of the same person as Governor for two or more States? 
(A) Fourth (Amendment) Act (B) Seventh (Amendment) Act 
(C) Eleventh (Amendment) Act (D) Twenty Fourth Amendment) Act (Ans : B)

57. The basic – structure theory of the Constitution of India implies that– 
(A) Fundamental Rights cannot be abridged or taken away. 
(B) The Constitution can not be amended except in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Art-368 
(C) The Preamble of the Constitution cannot be amended for it is not a part of the Constitution and at the same time it represents real spirit of Constitution 
(D) Certain features of the Constitution are so essential to it that they can not be amended (Ans : D)

58. Who among the following has termed Indian Federalism as “Cooperative Federalism” ? 
(A) K. C. Wheare (B) Morris Jones (C) Granville Austin (D) Jennings (Ans : C)

59. Which one of the following statements regarding ‘Exit Poll’ is correct ? 
(A) ‘Exit-Poll’ is a term used to denote a post-election survey of voters regarding the candidate in whose favour they had exercised their franchiese 
(B) ‘Exit-Poll’ and ‘Opinion-Poll’ are one and the same 
(C) ‘Exit-Poll’ is a device through which results of voting can be most exactly predicted 
(D) ‘Exit-Poll’ is an administrative device made by the Chief Election Commissioner to prevent impersonation (Ans : A)

60. Which of the following models of bureaucracy exists in India today? 
(A) Committed bureaucracy (B) Fully politicised bureaucracy 
(C) Semi-politicised bureaucracy (D) Depoliticised bureaucracy (Ans : C)

61. According to the Balwant Rai Mehta Committee, the District collector should be– 
(A) kept out of the Zila Parishad (B) a non-voting member of the Zila Parishad 
(C) a member of the Zila Parishad with the right to vote (D) the Chairman of the Zila Parishad (Ans :D)

62. Which of the following is not a source of revenue for the village panchayats ? 
(A) Tax on agricultural income (B) Tax on property, animals and vehicles 
(C) Voluntary donations (D) Grants from the State Government (Ans : A)

63. Panchayati Raj form of rural local government was adopted first (in the order) by– 
(A) Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (B) Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal 
(C) Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh (D) Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh (Ans : C)

64. In India, Central Vigilance Commission was set-up on the recommendation of– 
(A) Administrative Reforms Commission of India (B) Gorwala Reprot 
(C) Kripalani Committee (D) Santhanam Committee (Ans : D)

65. Which one of the following High Courts had the Territorial-Jurisdiction over’ Andaman and Nicobar’ Islands? 
(A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Calcutta (C) Madras (D) Orissa (Ans : B)

66. The primary function of the Finance Commission in India is to– 
(A) distribute revenue between the Centre and the States 
(B) prepare the Annual Budget 
(C) advice the President on financial matters 
(D) allocate funds to various ministries of the Union and State Governments (Ans : A)

67. The ultimate responsibility of taking due action on the comments of the Comptroller and Auditor General vests with– 
(A) Supreme Court (B) Parliament (C) President of India (D) National Development Council (Ans : B)

68. Which of the following statements is / are correct with regard to Indian Audit? 
(A) Indian Audit is primarily a legality audit (B) Indian Audit is governed not by law but by an executive order 
(C) The Audit is mostly limited to the expenditure side only (D) All the three above (Ans : D)

69. Which one of the following recommended the creation of the office of ‘Lokpal’ ? 
(A) National Police Commission (B) States Reorganization Commission 
(C) Administrative Reform Commission (D) Inter-State Council (Ans : C)

70. The Judges of the International Court of Justice are elected by the– 
(A) U.N. General Assembly only (B) U.N. Security Council only 
(C) U.N. General Assembly and U.N. Security Council both (D) Economic and Social Council (Ans :C)

71. ‘Optional Clause’ which defines the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, originates from which one of the following Articles of the Statute of the International Court of Justice? 
(A) Article – 34 (B) Article – 35 (C) Article – 36 (D) Article – 40 (Ans : C)

72. The historic Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh in which the two countries agreed to transfer the enclaves to each others sovereignty was concluded in– 
(A) 1972 (B) 1973 (C) 1974 (D) 1975 (Ans : C)

73. The number of ‘SAARC’ (South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation) countries is– 
(A) 7 (B) 8 (C) 9 (D) 10 (Ans : B)

74. The words ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ were added to the Preamble of Constitution of India by– 
(A) 41st Amendment (B) 42nd Amendment 
(C) 44th Amendment (D) 46th Amendment (Ans : B)

75. Which Article of the Constitution of India provides that it shall be the endeavour of every State to provide adequate facility for instruction in the mother-tongue at the primary stage of Education? 
(A) Article 349 (B) Article 350 (C) Article 350-A (D) Article 351 (Ans : C) 

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